WordPress Wishlist: Media

Today I saw that WooThemes posted a survey which asked the public to: Tell us how you’re using WordPress & what would make it better. I find surveys like these to be really useful because they can serve as a catalyst for positive growth.

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Re-key an Indexed Array of Post Objects by Post ID

Ever need to know if a certain post was contained in an array returned by get_posts() or get_pages()?. Me too! Usually, I would manually loop over the array and do a bit of discovery. I recently came up with a new trick to re-key post arrays that is a bit cleaner.

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Template Parts for Custom Header Image.

Personally, I have never used a custom header image like those included in the TwentyTen and TwentyEleven themes. I think that they look great on other people’s sites, just not my own. Now, when you’re theming for the masses, you can pretty much toss all of your personal preferences out the window. In my opinion, a good theme should be as flexible as possible. If WordPress provides an easy-to-implement solution, it’s usually a good idea to implement it! I recently came up with a neat solution to a design problem involving custom header images.

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Post Format Queries

I recently finished a custom plugin for a client and after I shipped it to him, he wrote back asking if I could make a small modification. Basically, there was a loop that displayed a certain number of posts and he wanted to excluded posts formatted as “links”. It dawned on me that I have never really done this before and was excited make it happen!

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A Portland WordPress Hackathon?

A couple nights ago I was reading my Twitter feed and followed a link to a blog post writen by @realmofzod (I believe his name is Brandon). Go read it and then come back, this post will still be here.

After reading Brandon’s post it seemed like a Portland WordPress Developer Meetup might be a good idea. I try to make it out to as many of the user group meetings as possible and from my experience there are usually many more “users” than “developers” in attendance. Having a second group that is dedicated to development topics makes a lot of sense in my opinion. Personally, I just want a group where I can get together and talk about WordPress code for an hour or two with a bunch of like minded individuals. I’ve felt this way for a while now and have talk to other who have shared similar opinions.

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Dropdown Widgets

While development on my Nighthawk theme has been really slow lately , I just found some inspiration which might just give me the kick in the pants that I need to get the job done! I’ve always like the way the big media sites such as fox.com or cbs.com have super-huge dropdown menus. I believe that they are called something like “mega menus” or something silly like that. Whatever they are called, I WANTS ME SOME! and I’m gonna get ’em :)

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I’ve been working with javascript a lot lately. Basically just learning how get things done by building a personal project. I’ve decided that it might be a good idea to make another site where I share what I have learned … both with the world as wellas with future me. If you’re interested in this kind of thing, check it out: javascript.mfields.org

Plugin Palooza

This May, I lead a discussion at the Portland WordPress User Group on the topic of plugins. This post contains a collection of the idea expressed as well as links to many of the plugins that were mentioned.

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Taxonomy Images Plugin – Moving Forward

Development on the next version of the Taxonomy Images plugin is underway. I’ve completely rewritten the plugin taking many things into consideration. But I would like to get your feedback on how you use this plugin. Associating images to terms of taxonomies is a rather straight forward thing. What users actually do with these associations is another thing all together!

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